All About Le Bourget

  • But what makes this brand so unique? The blend of casual quality and high fashion perhaps?

    Le Bourget are masters at releasing a fashion range that doesn't shy away from sportswear and masters evening dresses beautifully. Designs like Electro take the most tasteful aspects of 80's fashion and turn them into something modern and even more pleasing to the eye. Nothing is released that isn't sophisticated and visually stunning.

    The Perfect Chic range has been a particular favourite of ours for many years. What makes this design so special? I don't know of any other leg wear that consistently scores five star reviews without having to charge the user a fortune. Le Bourget Essential is another of their core ranges that you'll see in the hands of every respectable Le Bourget retailer. Now, there's something in a name, and Le Bourget picked 'Essential' for a reason.

    Any lover of good quality stockings can't say they've sampled quality until they've had a pair of these wonderfully woven garments. So how do they manage to earn such a wonderful reputation in Italy and Germany, where good hosiery is commonplace? The trick is being versatile. So many brands concentrate on one thing and try their best to do it well, to understand it better than anyone else in the game. Le Bourget have the great fortune of being designers of everything. Their naturally skilled team exercises talents in so many different areas of fashion.

    Their latest ranges have brought us some very chic and very modern fashion tights, but seasons past couldn't have been more distant. Gorgeous seamed tights with real pearls running up the heel. What could be more luxurious than the authentic article? Le Bourget is dedicated to bringing all of this great fashion and superior hosiery to the online world. Here you can see the exceptional photography and the incredible imagery of one of the most acclaimed brands of hosiery around.
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