The Hosiery Of Le Bourget

  • Le Bourget was founded in Paris in 1924 and was the result, as is often the case with these amazingly successful companies, of a single person's vision. The family that founded Le Bourget were all passionate individuals when it came to clothing. Many designers spread themselves very thin by picking every kind of clothing under the sun and trying to design all of them well. Only a very few names get to a point of success doing this. Rick Owens, for example, is known for doing everything very well and each item he releases is always a beautiful one, but the signature Rick Owens look is one of absolute simplicity. He designs only in black and occasionally in grey and creates completely blank designs, like little black dresses and simple everyday t-shirts.

    Whilst this is loved by many, Le Bourget don't want to abandon the world of beautiful patterns and ornate clothing, so they had to choose just one variety of clothing and stick with it. The one they picked was, of course, leg wear. They have been making beautiful leg wear for many decades and they became one of the most celebrated designers of their kind in Paris, which is definitely saying something significant. In Paris, they love wonderful clothing. They have a long history of making some of the very best quality items in the world of design. To become a respected designer in that world, they had to go through a long process of learning and refinement.

    Once they had solidified their reputation, they became a respected name in Paris and spread their collection across the rest of France. They are still currently one of the favourite labels in France and they can be found almost anywhere in the country. After they became such a powerful force in the fashion sector, they started to be noticed by other designers and people in the leg wear world.

    In the early '90s Le Bourget was scouted by CSP, an Italian clothing conglomerate. Le Bourget was approached by CSP and offered the chance to grow into an international brand. CSP bought the Le Bourget name and gave its designers a new platform to transform the way they did things and reach a whole new group of people. CSP were one of the first companies to recognise the value of the internet. They turned Le Bourget into a true cyber-friendly brand, bringing it onto the net, as you can plainly see. The internet is a great platform for spreading the word of a talented designer and an even better place to sell their items.

    CSP helped bring Le Bourget into the world of selling online. Just like the big retailers, Le Bourget went straight onto the net with all the benefits it brings. Instant browsing, quick delivery, reviews from other people, all the technical details in one place and so much more. All these things have put Le Bourget's quality up against other designers and tested their worth outside of the Parisian metropolitan area where they've been close to people's hearts. The results are conclusive, they have only grown in popularity since they first debuted all over the world.

    Nowadays, they concentrate on what they do best, bringing quality to the world with any and every kind of leg wear there is. You can spread yourself very thin or you can specialise and become an expert in something. This is what Le Bourget is right now, the expert and the definitive authority on leg wear.

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